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          买球官方网站登录’s Academic Internship Program (for-credit) is at the heart of our four-year career preparation plan for students. 

        • 学生们 can pursue up to 3个实习 for credit
        • Rising juniors and seniors with interests in all areas of study can take one or more 实习s 和 still graduate on time
        • Forester Fundamental Curriculum (FFC).
        • Opportunities in 芝加哥 和 Beyond

          买球官方网站登录 In The Loop program. Beyond 芝加哥, students have access to 200+ off-campus study programs - many of which involve 实习 or research experiences.


          Over half of students earn credit for 实习s before graduation.

          Rising juniors 和 seniors can earn academic credit through their participation in our Academic Internship Course (for-credit) in place of a traditional class. 学生们 can complete multiple for-credit 实习s while still graduating on time. 

          Start the process early!

          Some employers start recruiting for student interns several months in advance! Therefore, we recommend that you meet with your CAC Internship Specialist 

           添加/删除日期 for classes in the semester you plan to intern.

          Find additional information about on- 和 off-campus research opportunities both as part of the Off-校园 Study Program, Student Honors 和 Research暑期研究 站点。


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           Eligibility Application.

          Once declared eligible, students will be moved on to the Program Confirmation application.

          请联系 珍妮弗·拉森 for more information on how to apply.


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