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          About Us

          Assessment Committee

          At Lake Forest College, our mission is to provide the highest quality educational experience for our students. To achieve this goal, we engage in an on-going process of feedback, evaluation, and modification.

          The Assessment Committee aims to facilitate this process by providing a structure for assessment, a support system for analyzing and interpreting data, and a means of communicating results of the assessment process to the College community.



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          1. Establishes procedures for the assessment of student learning outcomes.
          2. Assists academic programs with the creation and implementation of assessment plans.
          3. Receives and reviews annual assessment plans for all academic programs, evaluates the effectiveness of these plans, and provides recommendations to programs for improving the assessment of student learning.
          4. Collects, maintains, and makes available to appropriate constituencies a repository of assessment reports for all academic programs.
          5. In collaboration with Academic Resources and Review Committee (ARRC), provides assistance to academic programs undergoing external review.
          6. In collaboration with the Curricular Policies Committee (CPC), ensures that appropriate plans and processes are in place for the assessment of the College’s Forester Fundamental Curriculum.
          7. Conveys findings and recommendations derived from assessment activities to faculty governance committees, as appropriate.
          8. Maintains awareness of assessment best practices.
          9. Serves as a resource for departments, programs and other interested constituencies on campus and provides assistance in the ongoing development of effective assessment of student learning across campus.
          10. Reports annually to the Dean of the Faculty on the status of the assessment of student learning at the College.


          1. At least four full-time faculty members, one from each division and one at-large member, appointed on the recommendation of FPPC. The at-large member serves as the committee chairperson and should have prior experience with assessment.
          2. The Associate Dean of the Faculty.
          3. The Institutional Research Associate.
          4. Additional faculty or staff representatives as needed, depending on major tasks to be undertaken during the year.

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